TSL Marketing

RAW has an exclusive partnership in Australia and New Zealand with TSL Marketing, a global powerhouse in lead generation with offices across the Americas, Europe, India and Asia Pacific.

Established in 1999, TSL Marketing is a global B2B Marketing services firm that specialises in lead generation, creative services, lead management, channel marketing and multi-touch marketing.

We are appreciative of our partnership and are proud to congratulate them for their most recent success showcasing a marriage of technology with creativity being recognised as having the client eBook of the Year among all Hubspot partner submissions. Click here to read more about how to combine Hubspot with the Power of Outbound Marketing.

Our close ties ensure we can capitalise on TSL’s diverse resources when needed and maximise campaigns in international markets with multi-lingual partners and local understanding. We also share best practice and can leverage TSL’s extensive channel marketing assistance when required.

RAW and TSL manage co-marketing programs for IBM across Australia and New Zealand.


Cos IT Caird is a voluntary organisation of the Qld IT Community helping raise money to assist families less fortunate faced with medical challenges. RAW Marketing has been on board with COS IT Caird from their inception and is committed to supporting their vision to take events nationally.

“RAW Marketing has established strong working relationships within the Australian IT sector and are proud to support these innovators and leaders in kicking their business goals. In gratitude for their growth in this industry and in understanding that life can take unexpected and challenging turns, RAW has committed as being the official marketing partner for Cos IT Caird. The RAW team look forward to growing on the past success of the cause and aiding the Caird family and associated charities in delivering their vital support and services”.