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An Exciting Future

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by Caterina Sullivan, on 18th January, 2016

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2015 was packed with boldly innovative tech trends that have all expanded our horizons. Consumers and businesses are finding new ways to interact, supported by exciting developments that are disrupting markets and opening up new opportunities.

In the merging of virtual and physical worlds, and in the growth of intelligence, organisations are having to quickly adapt to the new realities of IT.

Transformations in technology are changing the way people experience the world. Here are a few stand outs that have helped shape the IT world as we farewell 2015 and embrace the possibilities of 2016:

Software-defined, with a focus on the entire operating environment – server, storage, and network can all now be virtualised and automated! Software-defined architecture has shifted from static operations to a fully configurable, dynamic automatic operation. This has altered vendor strategies to respond to changing customer imperatives.

Cyber Security – If 2014 was named the “Year of the Breach”, with sensitive data being leaked at Google, Apple and eHarmony to name but a few, 2015 offered a chance to re-define security and move away from negative coverage. Consistency, network diversity and security talent have been high on the radar to deal with emerging external threats. This focus has to be balanced with the challenges of increased user freedom through mobile work practices. As cyber-crime becomes big business, organisations need to be increasingly smart in the way they detect and counteract risk in 2016.

Cloud Technology – The cloud/client model is now established in mainstream IT, ushering in new applications and opening up digital business opportunities everywhere! With increasing IT agility opening up the way for innovation, organisations are under pressure to capitalise on the opportunity – before their competitors do. We can definitely expect to see more cloud offerings in 2016, and more and more businesses embracing cloud-based services.

Risk Based Security and Self-Protection – Identifying and managing risks in an always-on environment is a critical element when capitalising on tech trends this year. The previous emphasis on securing access is inadequate for digital business moving forward. Security must be enhanced within the enterprise boundaries, and inside the applications themselves.

Email Marketing – With enterprise mobility now well and truly in play and with customers placed as a prominent stakeholder in the sales life cycle and pipeline, we will see more and more companies utilising direct marketing tactics to engage with their target cohorts*. Not to mention with the effectiveness of the mobile and with 75% of the adult population (US, UK and Asia Pacific) checking their email on their smartphone, this should mean big changes to your website, content and everything you offer online should be popularised, pretty neat right? Is your digital presence mobile optimised? (Stay tuned for RAWs next series on email marketing and how it is still the cornerstone of digital marketing!)

Hyperconvergence – 2016 is being touted as the year for Hyperconverged infrastructure offering speed and agility, decreased complexity and increased cost savings. It has all the ingredients you need to making operations more streamlined and efficient whilst improving all the rage behind speed and agility and reductions in cost across all operations. There will be no room for the IT departments to develop these building block type strategies when it comes to all-in-one data centre solutions. Hyperconverged infrastructure is a massive tech trend to come out of 2015 and that is the most recent architectural shift to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. Where computer power, storage, network access and now security are all collectively working together, RAW and others expect that 2016 and beyond will benefit from this new way of providing infrastructure*.

If you already feel like you are living in a sci-fi futuristic fantasy, just wait. Technology is getting exponentially faster, more immersive and intuitive. To help keep up with the transforming environment, contact our RAW team and learn about the smart decisions that will help your business to adapt and stay relevant in the ever-changing business environment.


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The Future
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