Know Your Audience

The first step in any marketing campaign is to identify who your target audience is. Understanding your potential audience forms the foundation of a successful campaign and targeting the right organisation and gaining access to the decision makers and influencers are key steps in this process.

However it isn’t just about the company and contact details of your ideal target audience (e.g. industry sector, company size, number of employees and turnover, geographic spread and key staff roles), it’s about researching and gaining profiling information to build a valuable database you can use.

Many of our clients aren’t sure how to source a new prospect database or who to trust in renting or buying lists. B2B data is constantly changing. To achieve hits in a marketing campaign you need accurate company, contact and profiling information.

At RAW we offer a dedicated database sourcing service. Our expertise has been built over many years in understanding client needs in database acquisition and usage. We carry out detailed research based on your criteria and have access to the top 50, 000 Australian and New Zealand businesses, and their 230,000 key decision makers – so we know how to find the right people for you.

RAW guarantees all of its databases, offering a 100% accuracy rate and peace of mind that the database will not be out of date or full of inaccurate data. We offer to replace, refund or credit any incorrect contact information.

We also offer the choice of an outright data purchase or a data rental service. Depending on the purpose of the data and your campaign needs we can recommend the right list solution.

All RAW databases are Privacy Act and SPAM Act compliant and we also offer Do Not Call Register washing services.


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Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness determines the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and plays a major role in the decision-making process. The impression of your brand extends well past your logo and includes your product features and benefits, your key messages, the emotive feelings associated with your brand and the personal brand profiles of key people within your organisation.

Never assume that your target audience will know who you are and what your brand stands for. First impressions count, so when building brand awareness it’s important to create impact and ‘stand out from the crowd’. What is it about your product, service and team that make your customer proposition unique and interesting?

RAW develops brand awareness strategies that focus on connecting and engaging with your target audience and communicating your key messages across the most effective mediums. We use the best communication methods to align with your business culture and style consisting of both online and offline channels to deliver the most effective results.

For example, a campaign may commence with contacting your target audience to introduce your brand, solutions and team. This introduction creates the opportunity for the target audience to ‘opt in’ (including providing email details) to your ‘brand and team story’. Following this contact a creative campaign tactic can deliver increased brand awareness; effectively promoting a suite of products and/or services in a concise and direct manner that drives traffic to your website, digital communities or even direct via the phone. RAW measures the effectiveness of all methods and provides insight on ways to continually improve the messaging and content.


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Generate Leads

Once you have built brand awareness, the next step is to create leads and generate a sales pipeline.

Lead generation is not a one off project or activity. It’s an ongoing part of the overall marketing strategy and is complemented by a well-developed lead nurture and progression program.

A key part of the process is identifying prospects within your target audience that meet one or more criteria:

  • a defined need or known problem that needs a solution
  • a planned budget or direct access to a pool of funds
  • are the correct contact e.g. decision maker or influencer
  • know or can estimate a timeframe for resolution

Lead generation involves specific communication with your target audience to uncover needs that align with a specific product or solution offering. Needs are established through ongoing brand awareness campaigns combined with an explicit call to action within a given time frame. You can be more targeted in your lead generation campaign when you understand their needs more succinctly i.e. what is the most compelling call to action for them as a prospect to engage with?

RAW can tailor industry-specific messaging and scripting to draw the greatest response from your target audience. We focus on quality over quantity. It’s important to build rapport and identify key qualitative information to assist your sales staff in achieving greater conversion. By understanding your unique requirements – and your target customers – RAW creates programs that generate leads with a higher potential of success and greater ROI.

RAW’s experienced call consultants have a deep technical understanding of the market requirements. They uncover hundreds of leads weekly and pass these to clients for follow up and conversion.


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Nurture Prospects

Nurturing a prospect ensures you grow a relationship with a potential client even if they are not currently looking to buy a product or service from you today. When nurturing a prospect you continually showcase your company’s profile and credibility. This makes it more likely for a prospect to engage with you and be interested in your offer when they do come to buy.

When executed effectively, nurturing prospects will improve your conversion rate of leads into actual sales. The methodology used when nurturing prospects depends on resources, time and budget.

When a lead is uncovered, it’s important to have an instant response system. This means listening to your prospect’s needs and providing information that addresses those needs. It means offering value to your prospect from the initial engagement point. At RAW we have a set of ‘next step’ actions. Where we can, we make it personal to connect beyond the brand or product level, because a key buying decision is: ‘Do I like and trust the person I am dealing with?’

Education can make all the difference between nurturing the lead and progressing the prospect through the sales pipeline.

RAW specialises in developing tailored and targeted nurture programs using materials that inform, educate and stimulate prospects to want to understand how compelling your solution is for their business. We offer automated and manual lead nurturing programs. We work with you to provide the best recommendation for your business to achieve the planned ROI and build a trusting relationship.


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Win Revenue

For many companies an ongoing challenge is the conversion rate of validated marketing leads into actual sales. This continues to be a major issue for companies that don’t have a well-developed or communicated lead passing plan and process.

RAW assists companies to develop and implement a marketing and sales plan to ensure that leads uncovered are not lost due to internal structural or communication deficiencies. It’s an age old adage that sales people only want a lead that is ready to sign a purchase order. RAW develops a model that removes this old world thinking and creates an environment for new opportunities to thrive.

While technology (CRM, SPM) and sales methodologies play a big role in delivering a solution it is not the entire answer. In the end the marketing and sales teams need to have aligned goals and have strong inter-team engagement following a single leadership model.

RAW can help your company bridge any gaps that exist between marketing and sales and develop a model that creates a ‘winning revenue’ culture.


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Channel Marketing

Channel Marketing describes marketing strategies, demand generation, lead nurturing and lead progression campaigns which target a company’s resellers, system integrators, VARs, independent software vendors and distributors.

RAW has worked with a range of companies to help develop effective channel strategies and implement programs across Australia and New Zealand to build sales pipeline. With an overarching channel strategy company’s have greater control over their investments and can achieve tangible business results ensuring that return on investment is delivered. While Business Partners receive the support and expertise of an experienced specialist channel agency like RAW. RAW will drive and execute targeted marketing activities faster and more efficiently than a Business Partner would independently.

RAWs channel strategy extends to facilitating strong working relationships with a company’s direct and indirect sales force, as the alignment of sales and marketing strategies is the key to success for both the vendor and the partner. This alignment and investing in long-term partnerships builds significant growth opportunities for all stakeholders.


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