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As the smarter IT vendors compete to make their devices simpler, smarter and easier to put to work, the role of the IT professional is changing. The Lenovo ‘Lego’ campaign was a high-impact creative concept leveraged off the Lenovo System x servers.

The campaign featured Lenovo’s ‘building block’ approach in which infrastructure components such as System x connect together to fit as neatly as the toys of your childhood. The multi-partner campaign which included six Business Partners, kicked off with targeted outbound calls by RAW Marketing inviting an audience of selected contacts to opt-in for the customised Lego “Everyday Hero” direct mail out.

Throughout the Lenovo Lego campaign, a LinkedIn social program was delivered to support the Lenovo ‘Len’ super hero direct mail out. The social program included content posts as selected by each Business Partner, which linked back to the full article, video or whitepaper, hosted on the Business Partner Lenovo landing page. Len’s super hero diary entries were also ‘leaked’ on LinkedIn to continue the lego theme.


Lenovo, Blue Connections, Sundata, Silverfern, Subnet, Focus Group Technologies, Klikon Solutions

Campaign Elements:

Email, Outbound Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Content Creation, Digital, Social Media


Brand Awareness, Lead Generation