The Missing Link

Listening is the foundation of any good business relationship, yet something so simple is often overlooked with many businesses using a one-fits-all approach. The Missing Link’s multi tactic ‘We Listen’ campaign showed they truly do listen and treat each client as unique. Key contacts were targeted from a nurtured data list that the The Missing Link wanted a deeper engagement with, and as phase one were sent a clever direct mail piece to pique their interest. The empty headphone box entailed the values of listening, provided important ‘why infrastructure matters information’ and incentivised contacts to meet with The Missing Link to have them listen to their unique business requirements, in turn receiving a high value pair of headphones, in keeping with the overall theme. The campaign was supported by tele-appointment setting to drive face-to-face meetings. In a saturated market it is hard to not only show that you listen, but have your potential clients listen and pay attention to you, which this direct mail element of the campaign overcame.


The Missing Link

Campaign Elements:

Direct Mail, Appointment Setting


Lead Generation, Brand Awareness