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Rising above the noise to create a distinctive buzz

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by Caterina Sullivan, on 25th September, 2015

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As digital marketing innovation gathers pace, it can be all too easy for digital marketing communication channels to become cluttered. This poses a major challenge for most organisations.

When you are bombarded with a daily stream of sales pitches for new tech tools, how can you cut through the noise and assess what your business truly needs?

Too much noise can create a myriad of effects: promotional clutter, mixed messages and disruption in the channel. This can prevent your campaign from connecting with your target audience. A stream of continuous messaging can cause your message to become lost in the clamour.

While it can be tempting, the answer is not to create more noise. Some organisations compensate by increasing their budgets, investing more funds in new software and trying to spend their way out of the situation. There is an endless round of adjusting processes, increasing marketing efforts and sending out more messages, flooding the channel by turning the noise volume higher. Of course, not all noise is negative. Let’s be honest, we all would prefer to have some noise than silence, right?

One approach that pays off is to create buzz that has a different tone than the rest of the noise. This grabs the attention of your influencers and stakeholders, opening the way for the correct information to be communicated.

So, how do you break through the noise of cluttered communication channels?

Attracting the right people is an important factor in creating a buzz… but who are the right people? Your ideal customer is known as a buyer persona. In an ideal world, buyer personae are moulded around the characteristics of your customers. Your business is built around these people.

Creating the right buzz, at the right time, is also important. Publishing timely, tailored content makes your noise helpful, instead of an unwelcome interruption. Matching inbound customers to targeted messages attracts qualified prospects and keeps them coming back for more. Such buzz might include:

  1. – Creative, engaging content that is widely shared;
  2. – Transforming the role of prospects from strangers to promoters;
  3. – Personalised messages;
  4. – Multichannel targeting;
  5. – Integration.

This is where we come in! At RAW, we’re constantly analysing and assessing how you can better convert your customer visits into leads by gathering and collecting more useful information. This process helps our clients develop effective channel strategies, and implement stronger programs by building, attracting and educating prospects to fill the sales pipeline. Of course, not all our clients and campaigns are the same. Just like technology, B2B data is constantly changing, and a deeper understanding of the potential audience is the foundation of a successful campaign. Knowing your audience and targeting the right message to the right influencers and stakeholders is important.

For more about making connections in a world of noise, check out our folio – in particular our collaboration efforts with the Fresh Storage Campaign, a cool way to create buzz and break through the crowded technology media!

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